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Outlook 2016 with exchange 2013 office 365 hybrid, requesting logon, ADFS

If you’ve migrated users to Office 365 (exchange online) and users get prompted for a password when opening outlook you more than likely need to enable Modern Authentication for Exchange Online ( Open a Powershell prompt and connect to Exchange online by the following steps. $UserCredential = Get-Credential Enter user credentials for office 365 *@*… Read More »

MPG Calculator Windows Phone App

So I’ve started to learn some new skills and the result of this is an MPG Calculator for the Windows Phone.  Programmed in C#. Over the next few months I’m planning on developing this App further into a full car tracking/management service, just need to keep learning.

Website Commisions

Guitar Tutor Leeds A provider of guitar lessons in Leeds, commissioned this site to advertise his services and provide online guitar tuition to users on the internet. Plastech Windows Pocklington A double glazing installer in Pocklington commissioned this site to promote his business to online customers. Wolds Cleaning Wolds Cleaning are a commercial and house cleaning… Read More »

ReadyData Replicate failing with “zfs: Bad file number (2070)” 5200

Are you seeing this error on your replicates [2014-05-14 00:01:58] [INFO] Connect to destination[2014-05-14 00:01:58] [INFO] Connected[2014-05-14 00:01:58] [INFO] START block sent[2014-05-14 00:01:59] [INFO] START block received[2014-05-14 00:01:59] [ERROR] Target unable to resume[2014-05-14 00:01:59] [ERROR] Transfer failed[2014-05-14 00:01:59] [INFO] Sent total 83.08 KB[2014-05-14 00:01:59] [INFO] Average speed 41.54 KB/s[2014-05-14 00:02:20] [ERROR] zfs: Bad file number… Read More »

Updating URL Hyperlinks within Excel

Recently I had an issue where a user moved a spreadsheet that contained hundreds of hyperlinks to files stored on the server. Obviously once moved none of the links worked and I was tasked with trying to change all these links without spending weeks doing it manually. The only real option is to create a… Read More »

Set Out of office for multiple users

If you need to set the out of office for multiple users you can use a powershell script Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration ALIAS -AutoReplyState scheduled -StartTime “07/12/2013 14:05:00” -EndTime “08/05/2013 08:00:00” -ExternalAudience all -InternalMessage $oof -ExternalMessage $oof where the variable $oof is a predefined message. $oof = “I’m not in the office currently” Here I’ll give a more… Read More »